You Know You’re A Mum When…

Over at Thinly Spread a new meme has been created. You know you’re a Mum when…

The rules are basic, write a little list of things which mark you out as a Mum (or Dad), link back to the post at Thinly Spread and offer the  meme up to some other bloggers who you think will enjoy it. It doesn’t matter if you have tiny babies or birds which have already flown, if you’re a parent I want to know what marks you out as one!

So here is my list:

1) You no longer know what is happening in the world. You generally watch children’s programmes or listen to children’s music, when the news is on its too late to watch.

2) You are awake any when from five and would like to be in bed any when from six! But it never happens!

3) You can never pee in peace, there is always a long conversation going on, including you, while you pee!

4) Your dinner is not your own, it may be exactly the same as your child’s but they want your’s because it is better!

5) You generally answer the questions. “what’s this?” “who’s that?” a thousand times a day!

6) You walk around a clean house and step on a crayon, happy people, Lego, small car etc.

7) You can distinguish your child’s poo in a room full of children!

8) Your handbag that used to contain, makeup, money, perfume, diary, hairbrush, mirror, now contains, purse, (no money) diary, nappies, baby wipes, medicines, thermometer, drink, biscuits, nappy bags, dummy, muslins, and a spare t-shirt.

9) You no longer buy clothes for you, you buy clothes for the increasing growing boy!

10) You no longer buy gadgets, or magazines for you. You buy toys and Cbeebies magazines instead!

So if anyone would like to take this meme up then please do so and tag it to Thinly Spread

But here are some people who I am going to tag:


Adventures Of An English Mum

All Baby Advice

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. christinemosler
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 17:17:04

    Oh so true! My youngest is now 4 and can be persuaded to stay outside while I use the loo but will insist on holding a conversation through the closed door so it’s not a very relaxing experience! My older ones will now leave me be but spend such a long time in there themselves that I all but wet myself waiting! I’m glad you picked up the baton, great post! C x


  2. Emma
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 17:53:44

    Thanks for the Tag hunny. They are very cool Mum things……I often wonder if I’ll ever get to pee in peace again!!!! Will try and get around to doing it sometime this week 🙂


  3. The Contented? Maybe
    Jul 30, 2010 @ 21:28:42

    Haha, I’m 6 months pregnant so this is what’s coming in October then? Exchanging my new clothes / shoes / magazines for his or her new clothes / shoes / magazines. Sounds fabulous. But then for my sacrifice I do acquire a new skill in poo detection, so it’s a win-win situation, right?


  4. jfb57
    Aug 03, 2010 @ 11:49:14

    Oh I love the pee & dinner bits best! I’d forgotten all that!


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